This video essay is a sociological diary and observation of street life. ‘One day escape from the global village’ pleads for a functional re-discovery of slow time (das Träge Glück) and tries to digest rapid (technological) developments in life.

‘One day’ is not an explanatory video, more an essay to slow down and have your own thoughts on world and village life, and the connection between the two. Hope you enjoy it as a tribute to everyday life and the beauty of lifecourses.


Music added 2020 is by Antonio Zimmerman, thank you very much for sharing ‘Giuseppi’! It was composed as a tribute to the Italian-Sicilian filmer Giuseppi Tornatore. The Caruso-track was deleted (the original track to the video, but ID-copyrighted now) and at the end you hear local voices and the church bells from Prata Sannita.

The video essay was made in 2006 after our stay at The Million Donkey Hotel in Italy. Many thanks to Feld 72, Prata Sannita and the inhabitants of Via Preci!

Hope it contributes to feelings of consolation, respect and solidarity between generations! At any time.