Ellie Smolenaars / Social Research & Journalism (LinkedIn) is a slow social science journalist and quick social researcher. I produce meaning out of this magical raw material: Alphabet. Please enjoy reading my articles, books and co-productions.*

I write and investigate in the following area’s and subjects: social sciences; sociology; society; human interest; social trends; economy; social history. In Dutch, English and German. Content is always queen and i am a knowledge (and book) addict. I cooperate with visual professionals and content teams.


Aarzel niet om contact op te nemen voor meer informatie. Please feel free to contact me for further enquiries. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich für weitere Fragen.



* © copyright of texts by Co-Authors and Ellie Smolenaars © copyright of images added in singular descriptions/captions, please respect illustrator’s and photographer’s rights. As i always head forward i am not brilliant at archiving my own works and i was happy to find large parts of my work published for different media back on the web, with my authorship and copyrights mentioned. Herzlichen Dank, thanks very much