Utopias reveal the essentials of perfect society. This short history offers easy entrance to classic works like Plato’s The Perfect State and Utopia by Thomas More. It also uncovers lesser known, wonderful books about nirvana’s, cities and islands. Short History of Utopia is an open invitation to have new thoughts on current and future societies. Should our food production be organized differently? What do we learn from imperfect cities? What is good and bad about machines? If you have always wanted to travel to utopian worlds, just read this book first.


The book is present at the exhibition Ja Natuurlijk! in The Hague. There you will find an amazing solid, wooden copy, ready-to-continue-to-read, providing the utopian exit from the Plants Liberation Forest. The Plants Liberation Forest questions whether human beings are capable of moral growth in relation to nature and society.

All details of how to obtain Short History of Utopia can be found at Collca’s BiteSize Science Series: http://collca.com/shu

If you are interested in what bothered me most after writing the book, please read Utopia is a superficial society