My heart in education is with student’s wiki-writing and blogging a reading diary: excellent ways to order and digest knowledge on our complex social worlds. It gives students confidence in reading, thinking and writing.




This is the short description of my introductory course on my portfolio from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague course: In the footsteps of social traveller Harriet Martineau we discover our full sociological imagination and become ‘students of society’. Studying society is about finding facts you can touch and measure, about observing Things and about finding human comments on things (Discourse). This course is the introduction to sociology as a social science and a strategy in the perception of human behaviour. We will (re-)discover society by searching for (1) the general in the particular and (2) the strange in the normal. We learn to use social theory and construct a research tool kit. Aim is to equip ourselves with sociological imagination, knowledge & method and develop a fresh and argument-based view on human beings in society.

I enjoy teaching sociology and social sciences to bachelor and master students. And I organize writing workshops. I worked for Tilburg University, the Free University of Amsterdam and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague / Photography Department. Do not hesitate to contact me for teaching social science in some near future.